​Antibody Testing against COVID-19

The blood-based test detects antibodies that indicate past infection with COVID-19.

It may not show if you are currently infected. For this, you require a viral PCR or antigen test, which is different.

​If you currently have a fever or flu-like symptoms, please contact us by phone.

​Antibody testing is for people who:

  • Haven't had any symptoms but are curious to know if you have antibodies to COVID-19.

  • ​Have had symptoms such as fever but are now more than 2 weeks after recovery.

​Test kit information

  • Product name: Biolidics 2019-nCoV IgG/IgM Detection Kit

  • Time to result: about 15 minutes after taking blood

  • ​Price: JPY 3,000 + tax (10%)

​How to get tested

  1. No appointment is required. Wear a facemask to your appointment

  2. Body temperature check (we will not test you if you have fever over 37.5 or have cold-like symptoms)

  3. Blood sample taken by nurse

  4. ​Get your results in 15 minutes

​Important points

  • This antibody test might not be provided to anyone who has symptoms like cough or fever. You might not be tested if you have a fever of 37.5 degrees or higher.

  • There is no guarantee of protection against COVID-19 even if you have antibodies.

  • If you are IgM positive, this means you might be able to spread the virus, and we may advise you to isolate and refer for further testing.

  • This kit has a high accuracy (clinical sensitivity 91.54%, clinical specificity 97.02%) but no test is 100% accurate.

  • ​This test is not covered by Japanese health care.