Real Time RT-PCR Test for against COVID-19

We are providing saliva-based real-time RT-PCR test for COVID-19. 

A positive RT-PCR test confirms the diagnosis of COVID-19.

For many individuals, a single negative RT-PCR result is sufficient to exclude the diagnosis of COVID-19.

We are able to issue a medical certificate for those who are planning to go overseas for business or go back to their countries.

Whom to test?

  • Those who has not had any symptoms for the past 2 weeks.


  • Real-time RT-PCR test ¥30,000 (+tax) / medical certificate ¥5,000 (+tax)

​How to get tested

  1. Make an appointment at least 3 days in advance via phone or email

    • Please be sure to contact us in advance.

  2. Wear a facemask and bring your ID when you come to our clinic for the test.

    • Please bring your passport if you need a medical certificate.

  3. Body temperature check

    • We will NOT run the test if you have fever (BT>=37.5℃) or have any flu-like symptoms.

  4. Collect your saliva outside the clinic.

  5. We will inform your result in 48 hours and issue your medical certificate by mail or email.

​Important points

  • Don’t brush your teeth before the test in the prior 30 mins  

  • You might not be tested if you have fever or any suspicious symptoms.

  • We must notify the public health authority if you are positive for RT-PCR test.

  • Some countries require specific form of a medical certificate.  The timing of the test and also matters.  Please make sure of them with the embassy before making an appointment.

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