COVID-19 PCR Testings

We are providing RT-PCR test (saliva or nasal swab based) or NEAR PCR test (nasal swab based) for COVID-19. 

A positive test confirms the diagnosis of COVID-19.

For many individuals, a single negative PCR result is sufficient to exclude the diagnosis of COVID-19.

​Kindly check the images below for further information.

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​COVID Testing for your flight

If you need COVID testing for your flight, you will be responsible for confirming that our PCR testings and documents meet the requirements of the countries in advance.

We have a limited stock of testing kits, so that please contact us in advance when you need the testings.

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Some airline or country requires specifically RT-PCR test. NEAR PCR won't be acceptable in that case.

​Please check the restriction before making an appointment.

​Important points

  • It might affect the results if you have something / brush your teeth / rinse your mouth / smoke 30 minutes before the test. Please refrain from doing those until you collect your saliva sample.

  • We must notify the public health authority if you are positive for the PCR test.