Fever Clinic info (updated)

If you would like to see a doctor for the issues below, you’ll see a doctor at our fever clinic.

fever/cough/shortness of breath, difficult breathing/headache/sore throat/loss of smell or taste/muscle pain

  • If you have had these symptoms in the past 7 days, you’ll see a doctor at our fever clinic instead of GP clinic.

  • We limit the number of fever clinic patients. Make sure to call us before visiting and come by your car.

  • Please refrain from using facilities inside the clinic.

  • We may ask you to wait longer than usual since the fever clinic requires decent practices to keep everyone's safe.

  • We would prioritize emergency patients, therefore the order might be changed.



Information about our fever clinic

This is Dr. Moroi from Niseko International Clinic. I would like to inform all the locals that renovation of the fever clinic has commenced for the upcoming 2021-2022 season. We have been seeing patie