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At Niseko International Clinic, we have commenced physiotherapy rehabilitation services with the opening of the Niseko Wellness Center.
Our physiotherapists are able to develop personalised treatment plans based on the individual physical condition and lifestyle of each patient, aiming to support the recovery of health and physical function.
For those in need of rehabilitation due to illnesses or injuries, we not only focus on achieving recovery of conditions and symptoms but also provide treatment with a conscious effort towards preventing future illnesses or injuries.

In our clinic, we combine manual therapy, exercise therapy, and state-of-the-art physical therapy equipment to deliver effective treatments. This approach targets efficient improvement of physical function, posture adjustment, and the enhancement of daily life functionality. We emphasise the importance of correct posture and exercise, offering guidance to empower patients to actively participate in their health management.
Furthermore, we place a strong emphasis on prevention and health maintenance, offering medical fitness programs. In addition to individualised exercise programs, we provide support for health maintenance through regular health checks and lifestyle improvements.
We offer comprehensive and effective physiotherapy focusing on the individual needs of each patient. Please feel free to consult with us.

Targeted Conditions

Targeted Conditions:

  • Various orthopedic conditions:
    • General traumas such as fractures
    • Sports injuries (ligament injuries, muscle strains, dislocations, golfer’s elbow, etc.)
    • Pre and post-surgery (ACL reconstruction, meniscus injuries, joint replacement surgery, shoulder joint tendon tears, etc.)
    • Chronic conditions (lower back pain, shoulder stiffness, osteoarthritis, etc.)
  • Sequelae of cerebrovascular diseases
  • Lifestyle diseases (diabetes, hypertension, dyslipidemia)
  • Women-specific physical discomforts (postpartum lower back and pelvic pain, shoulder
    stiffness, tenosynovitis, urinary incontinence, etc.)
Treatment details Time Price(including tax)
Initial Consultation and Treatment 60mins 19,800yen
Follow-up Treatment 45mins 16,500yen
60mins 19,800yen

Currently we are hiring physiotherapists for winter season. Please check our recruiting page for details.