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Due to our limited capacity for waiting room and parking space, you must make an appointment through our online booking system. We accept walk-in patients once you have received a ticket number online. This will avoid a long queue* and save you waiting time in the clinic. We deeply appreciate your understanding and cooperation on this matter.  

*Waiting queue could be more than 2 hours.

1. Booking for your visit

Please note that online booking site denies access from international data services and can only be accessed from Japanese wifi/data services.  

Please ensure you are connected to local wifi when you access the booking site. ⇒ NIC ONLINE BOOKING from here

We have two booking options: Fever Clinic and Walk-In 


  • Is for people who have cold/flu like symptoms such as coughing, runny nose, vomiting etc. You can book here if you may or may not have a fever. 
  • This clinic is appointment only. Please book before your visit. 
  • Bookings open a day in advance.  


  • Is for general consultation and for people who does not have cold-like symptoms. Any symptoms such as orthopaedic, skin problems, prescriptions etc. please choose this option. 
  • Walk-Ins open at 8am for AM slots and 10am for PM slots on the same day. You cannot book a day in advance. 

2.Create web log-in ID & Complete booking

If this is your first time booking online, please create a web log-in ID first. If you made a log-in ID in the past, then please log-in first before you proceed to booking. 

3. Check your booking status

Please go to “My Page” to check your booking. When the waiting queue is long, please check waiting queue status and come to the clinic when your number is closer to being called (about 2-3 numbers before yours is a good time to come into the clinic).

4. Complete a medical questionnaire

When your booking is complete, please proceed to a medical questionnaire. A detailed medical questionnaire helps a smoother registration process and necessary preparation to provide better medical services.  

5. Please go to reception when you arrive in NIC

Please go to the reception and let them know your ticket number. Also give them your identifications such as passports or health insurance cards if you have one.