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Book appointments via Web!

Finally! you can book appoinments via our website.

Thank you for your patience for our long waiting time…Hopefully the new web booking system solve the issues.

New web booking system has mainly 3 manus.


You can book an appointment. Mainly for booking that needs time than usual such as new visitors, people with procedures, counseling for mental health etc. Or for people come clinc every month or weeks for routine check-ups. Currently booking slots are very limited. If all booking is full, please use a Waiting List menu.

②Waiting List

You can put your name on the waiting list via web. Please put your name from your home, then please come to a clinic when your turn is close.

Note: Appointments take priority. Waiting list will be called inbetween appointments. appointments are not listed on a waiting list. When a waiting list does not move at all, it means that the appointments are called or emergency patinets are under treatment.

③Fever Clinic

Now you an book for Fever Clinic via web as well. Each booking slot is for one person. If you are booking for your family, please book several slots for members of your family.

If you have any question, or having difficulty booking appointments, please call us.

TEL: 0136-21-5454

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